Yikes! Look what we found behind the stucco!!

This looked just like another job, little did I know the home had been invaded by some nasty little new guests!  Check out this video to see what’s inside…. yikes!

How does this happen?  Short answer. Water intrusion behind the stucco gets the wood wet which is like dinner bells to all types of insects in particular ants and… you guessed it termites!

We sprayed insecticide and got rid of these red ants and while we fixed the framing we gave the pest control company a call. Once we completed the framing repairs they sprayed the wall cavity and we put it all back together.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cures”

While this project got a little tricky we had no problem finishing it up and it came out very nice.  Here is the takeaway…. this repair costs the home owner thousands of dollars and a days of inconvenience while we repaired the home. All of which could have easily been prevented! The moisture got behind the stucco from two flashings that were not sealed properly.

  1. If they were sealed during the original paint job this never would have happened.
  2. If they were sealed at the first sign of cracking the repairs would have been minor and no stucco would have to be removed.
  3. If they were sealed once the stucco started to decay it would have prevented the sheathing (plywood on the studs) from going bad.
  4. If they were sealed before the sheathing was completely saturated the framing would not have gone bad.

Do you detect a pattern here? Why don’t people call me as soon as they see cracks in their stucco? No matter just hear this….

“The longer you wait the more damage will be done and the more costly the repairs will be!” 


Here is a picture of the completed project… better than new!

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