We want to add custom stucco trim can you do that?

Adding Custom Trim to an Existing Stucco Home…

Our customer had a beautiful stucco home that needed maintained but they wanted to “doll the front up” and add some trim.  They wanted to know if it was really expensive to add trim and keystones above the windows.

Answer? Yes we can. No, it’s not that expensive to do.  Stucco trim is made of a special styrofoam with stucco installed over it. One of my customers years ago put it like this. “So the trim is like icing on a cake?” That is a very good way to understand it. The trim adds great aesthetic value to the home if it is designed and installed properly!  If your stucco home “looks a little plain” adding the right configuration of stucco trim can make a big difference!

We added the trim above the 2nd story windows and the “brackets” at the roof line to make this home stand out and give it a lot more character.

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