Do you like pay twice for the same repair?

Or worse what if your home is damaged and you can’t afford to fix it? This customer has to save money to re-surface and re-texture this and several other panels ruined by “painters”.

I was recently called out to this house to inspect the stucco after another company has painted the home.  This poor customer paid good money in good faith and here is a picture of what they got in return.



I am not writing this post to bad mouth the other company. The owner took the lowest quote and according to them, they were “just painters”. So the resulting mess is from caulk they applied to the crack. We call it “Road mapping” because now the side of the house looks like a road map! Worse yet is the flashings and expansion joints were left unsealed and are still allowing moisture behind the stucco panels.

“The cheapest quote is not always the least expensive.” 

The customer asked us to provide a quote to fix only what the other company had “made a mess of”.  Unfortunately, to make sure it is done correctly we will have to redo the entire job! That makes me angry on behalf of the customer!

Here is me saying… Don’t let this happen to you!

Call us today and let us provide you with a professional “Stucco Inspection Report and Proposal for Repairs and Maintenance” the report and will include: Photos and a written narrative about what we see and what we would do to fix it. Our company information including our state license number, insurance information, references, a specific scope of work, a specific schedule, detailed product information concerning the products we will use on your home.

Even if you are going to use the cheapest price for what ever reason… Please, get our FREE report first! The report will explain how to properly fix your stucco and what materials to use.

Call We Fix Stucco today and schedule your Stucco Inspection Report and Proposal for Repairs and Maintenance.

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