Can you fix stucco that looks like brick?

Can you fix the stucco that looks like brick?

That was the question. The answer? Yes sir we can. “Are you sure because the last person that told us that made a mess of the project.”¬† Yes sir, we know how to fix cut brick stucco let me come out and meet with you and we can discuss it.

The call came from Golfview Condominiums they were built in the 60s and have cut brick stucco on them. It is a all but a lost art! The buildings have portions of the brick stucco falling off and were in desperate need of waterproofing and painting but the association could not find anyone that could fix the stucco properly.

We completed the club house repairs to the cut brick stucco and were immediately awarded the contract for all 34 buildings!

Golfview Club House Repaired and Painted 

We finished the first building and are currently working on the next three units.

Golfview Building 1

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